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Please Note: When using FM Stereo for the first time, your FM stations will need to be program. To do this  it is recommended to choose a area where your surroundings are free from frequency interference or interruptions. That means away from phones, computers, antennas or any type of electronics that might interrupt the frequency while programming your FM stations on your V3 device.

To start programming your FM stations follow these steps: 

  1. Long Press the power button to turn unit on.

  2. Short Press the mode button once to switch from Bluetooth mode to FM stereo mode.

  3. Press Play button for 2 seconds, this will start programming your FM stations automatically

Once all your FM stations are programmed it will stop on the last station it programmed and remain there until you switch it to next or previous station.

Use the following to switch station or control volume:

Short Press + to switch to the next station or Long Press + to increase volume

Short Press - to switch to previous station or Long Press - to decrease volume 

Note: If you ever need to reprogram stations, make sure V3 device is powered off and then press power button for 8 seconds while powering on. This will reset your device and you could reprogram your stations from the above instructions 1 to 3.